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Who are our patients?

Our patients are children, but also adults with no age borders - patients who,, for many reasons, can not be treated in a traditional mannes. 

Patients can undergo the surgery if the are qualified by our dentist and anesthesiologist, on the basis of medical examination taken before.

In order to control the course of operation we take the pictures with radiovisiography during the surgery. We also use dental microscope. 

Modern equipment, and well trained medical staff guarantee safety during the treatment under narcosis. Each treatment under general anesthesia is taken by the qualified team of dentist, dentist surgeon, anesthesiologist and dental assistant. We conduct the treatments in the full range of conservative dentistry and dental surgery.

Before each planned treatment we define dental recommendations for particular patient. During physical examination we rate the recommendations to local, or general anesthesia. Indications for the use of general anesthesia are for the patients who: are mentally ill, mentally handicapped, hyperactive, neurotic, people with dental fear, with a known resistance for local enesthetics, allergic to local anesthesia, with diffuse inflammation of maxillofacial area, patients qualified for plural teeth extraction, applying for dental treatment in general anesthesia, kids (especially nervous).

We make dental treatments in general anesthesia for more than 25 years. Until now we have made more than 6000  anesthesia. 

Our health center  is specialized in dental treatments with general anesthesia.

During the surgery we treat, and extract teeth. We perform dental surgery treatments, implantology, and we also prepare our patients for implant reconstruction (grinding teeth for crowns, or for dental porcelain bridge).