- radiovisiography: a digital image capture device
- dental panoramic radiograph: digital panoramic pictures
- cephalometric: digital lateral pictures of head
- digital pictures of temporomandibular joints
- CT

In Private Dental Center diagnostics is based on radiovisiography and CT scans.

Tomograph RAYSCAN alpha is the latest device of this type, and it is approved by internatiolnal organizations assessing medical equipment. It helps to diagnose each case due to the most precise panoramic, tomographic and cephalometric scans. Due to tomography it is easier to analise and assess condition of teeth with all of  their anatomical structures. We receive precise picture of maxillary sinuses, jaw bones, mandible, temporomandibular joint. Diagnostics based on tomography is the basis for safe treatment.


Three-dimensionality of pictures also gives the possibility of virtual plannig of the whole process of implantation. In conjunction with Cerec CAD/CAM  it enables fast and durable prosthetic restoration.