3D Prosthetics


 - Computer designing and performing restorations during one visit


Computer prosthetics is based on Cerec CAD/CAM system, and thanks to system we can skip the stages used in traditional prosthetics, and we obtain excelent accuracy  and durability of the elements made.

Due to precise optical scanner we scan patients mouth and we achieve a 3D picture. Our doctors design best dental restorations for a given patient. The whole process is seen on the screen and patient can take part is designing of his/her restorations. After being accepted , the project goes to a milling machine CAD/CAM in which there is a ceramic, or zirconium block. In 3D prosthetics all the elements are made of ceramic, or zirconium block which  gives the guarantee of durability and good easthetic effect. Restorations made in Cerec CAD/CAM are fully ceramic and metal free-they give the best easthetic effects.

Prosthetic works  in CAD/CAM system are made on devices of German company Sirona - market leader in production of 3D prosthetic devices.

Waiting time for prosthetic elements made in Cerec CAD/CAM is minimal and it takes from 1hour to 1 day-depending on kind of prosthetic work required.